Well, just a few weeks after launching my new website in January of 2020, the entire world was shut down by the Covid-19 pandemic. This has been so catastrophic and tragic to people in all professions and all over the world. It has been so hard to see orchestras and arts organizations struggling to survive, to still be able to serve us all, on the other side of this terrible thing.

I have definitely been working on things and making plans for better times and, in spite of all the challenges we still face, I am very encouraged and hope so much that, by this Fall, real, in person, live entertainment and musical performances will again be realistic and safe for everyone.

That is still quite a ways away, but we will get there.

Sending warm wishes to my fellow film music lovers everywhere. Please be safe and wear masks.

Finally, I think, we are closer to the end of this than to the beginning.

There’s a new podcast interview on the Media page. And still another new one is being edited now.

One special highlight of 2020 for me was new recording I am very proud of. With Simone Pedroni recording his piano part from his home in Italy and Sara Andon recording her flutes at home here in Los Angeles we produced a beautiful Ennio Morricone piece called Return To Life. We released this new track as a digital single on Sony Classical, as a follow-up to our album Cinema Morricone: An Intimate Celebration. We lost the dear maestro in July of last year. This was so heartbreaking. I like to think of this new piece as more of a new beginning, not as a farewell. This was the first recording of Ennio’s music since his passing, a category that, forevermore, all subsequent recordings of Morricone music will join. This new era of Morricone’s music will now be eternal.

Listen here:

And the 2-CD set of Cinema Morricone is available here:

Sara also launched her own new website late in 2020. You can visit it here:

I really can’t wait to step on my first post-Covid stage again or to be in studio recording with an orchestra of 80+ musicians!

We’ll get through this.

Happy 2021 to all!

Robert Townson
February 3, 2021